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Saturday, 27 September 2014

10 Steps - Bathroom design made simple

Rustic and Romantic Bathroom

My bathroom is a place where I can hide away for a few hours and just relax.

However, my bathroom is in dire need of a redesign. The space is currently looking really outdated. Presuming I was not the only one in the universe who thinks this about their bathroom – I thought I would create this handy step by step guide to help you get inspired.

Planning Stage

Step 1 = Set you budget
This is the most important step in any design project. 
Do not overspend.

Step 2 = Decide on what you want the finished picture to be
You cannot work out how you are going to get there unless you know where you are going.

Here are a few inspirational images to get you started: 
Get Inspired when designing your bathroom.

The key thing to have in mind is that bathrooms do not have to be boring and functional rooms. Especially at this stage you can be really creative.

Have in mind:

     How big is the room?

o  You can always take elements of a design and recreate it on a smaller or larger scale.

   Who is using the room?

o  Is this an en-suite bathroom for guests?
o  Is this an en-suite bathroom for you and your partner?
o  Is this a family bathroom?

If you need more inspiration head over to our Pinterest page.

Deciding on the furniture
Step 3 = The big question – Bath or Shower?

Make your decision. To install we recommend calling a plumber to ensure you do not have any nasty leaks! 

Research the types of baths available.
Find out to suit you and your space.
Here is a selection of my favourite baths from our Pinterest page

There is such a range of baths available. If you want to save a bit of money consider looking into getting a second hand bath. It may have plenty of life left in it and you might be able to get something a little bit different.

If you just want a standard rectangular bath, the paneling can make a huge difference. Use it to match the bath in with the style you want to create.

Alternatively, there are some beautiful free standing baths that are fantastic if you have a larger space to use.

Think about how your shower is going to fit into your space.

If you opt for just a shower, then you will probably have a little more space to play with. Use this in the shower area and give yourself more room to move. 

My favourite idea is the glass panelled doors. This type of unique detailing really helps create a personal vibe to the space.

Bath and Shower combined

Want a bath and a shower?
Combine to save space.

 If you are going for the combo then there is still a huge range of ideas you can take inspiration from. This idea is ideal for if you are a little short on space. The black shower head and small bath looks so effective if you tie in the colour scheme with the rest of the space.

Step 4 – The Sink 
Find a sink to suit your space

Again, with the sink, there is plenty of choice and selection. The freestanding sinks are ideal if you have a large space. However, if you are a little short on space, you may want to consider something with more storage. A floating or built in sink gives you more space for under sink storage.

If you’re building an en-suite bathroom for you and your partner, perhaps consider a pair of sinks. I could certainly do with 2 at home!

If you’re creating a family bathroom and have young children consider a lowered sink or a step. This will allow them to have easy access to the sink.

Step 4 = Select you toilet.

I do not feel like I need to show you pictures of loos for this one. If you can find one to match the colour of your bath/sink then it will fit better into your design.

Not a lot of room left for a toilet? Have you consider one under the stairs? Alternatively, rescue an underused cupboard space. 

If you short on bathroom space, make use of underused space in the rest of your house.

Step 6 Lighting

Before buying your Bathroom lights we recommend you take a look at our bathroom lighting blog. It wall explain the IP rating required for each zone in detail. We have also provided a few handy suggestions for lights for each zone. . 

For the bathroom lights you need to consider the IP rating. The bathroom is divided into zones.  For each zone you will need to consider the IP rating. 

Zone 0 = Inside your bath or shower. Requires IPX7 or above. These are usually sealed downlights and spotlights. 

Option 1  EL-20064 by Endon Lighting  -   A pack of 6 blue LED plinth lights. IP67. £31.68. 

Option 2  SauncaSL50 by Firstlight  Modern chrome finish. IP68 rated. £175.50. 

Zone 1 = Up to 2.25m around your bath or shower. Requires IPx4/5 or above. This zone is usually a wall or may include the ceiling if you have a low ceiling.

Option 1 = BATH/MN1 by Elstead Lighting.  A traditionally styled bathroom wall light. IP44 rated. £89.10. 

Option 2 = OBO0775by Dar Lighting. Traditionally styled wall light with decorative opal shade. IP44 rated. £63.50. 

Option 3 = LOG7150by Dar Lighting. Modern spot light in  glass and chrome. IP44. £69.50.

Option 4 = Cosmo39615 by Saxby Lighting.  Modern single chrome bathroom wall light. IP44 rated. £13.99. 

Option 5 = BATH/LUN2 by Elstead Lighting. A 2 light  crystal decorated bathroom light. IP44 rated. £243.00. 

Option 6 = Bath/BB1 BRZ by Elstead lighting. A traditional styled bathroom wall light. IP44 rated. £117.01. 

Zone 2 = 2.25-3m above the bath and 0.6m around the sink. Requires IPX4/5. If you are considering an over the sink lit mirror and an over the sink light they will need to have an IP rating.

 Mirror = DIA99/Clock wall mirror by Dar lighting. A modern bathroom mirror. IP44 rated. £285.00. 

Option 1 = EL-20093 by Endon Lighting . A white single head halogen lamp spotlight. IP44 rated. £28.80. 

Option 2 = Showtime by Firstlight. Hollywood dressing room inspired lights. IP44 rated. £85.00.

Option 3 = 8236CH by Firstlight . Energy saving shaver light with shaver socket. IP44 rated £120.90.

Option 4 = ADA0750 by Dar Lighting . Double insulated chrome bathroom wall light. IP44 rated. £45.00. 

Option 5 = Aylesbury BATH/AY1 by Elstead lighting – traditional style single wall light finished in chrome. IP44 rated. £94.50. 

Zone 3 = If you need to have any power outlets – e.g. shaver sockets – they need to be 3m outside of zone 1. 

Areas not in  zone 1 or 2 do not need an IP rating. But if you can find an IP rated ceiling light you light I would recommend it.  

Step 7 = The walls

This is where you can get a little inventive.

Option 1 = Tiling.

There is a huge selection of tiles available. If you have a small space consider using mirrored tiles to bounce the light around. 

Scrabble tiles. 
Ideal for a family bathroom. 

Love this design. You can be really inventive here. I think it would be great to replace this words with family names (if you’re designing a family bathroom). In addition, you can use the coloured tiles to pick up a the colour theme from the rest of the room.

Option 2 = Paint.
As long as you pick specific bathroom paint, you can really “paint the town red” here. 

The use of purple paint in this space creates a 'wow factor'

You are not limited to muted colours in the bathroom. Especially if you are designing your ensuite, pick colours you love.

Option 3 = Using natural materials.
Covering the walls with slate, stone or wood can look fantastic in the bathroom if done well. 

Wood and stone mix

This bathroom is a beautiful combination of wood and stone materials.

Step 8 = The Floor

Choose tiles, carpet or wood. The best option is going to depend on the style of the rest of the room. 

If you opt for wood or tiles, make sure to have a non-slip mat for when you step out of the bath or shower.

Step 9 = Dressing the window

If you window is next to the bath, find a good quality blind. Fabric this close to the bath is likely to go mouldy. However, if it is a couple of meters away, you will be able to get away with some fabric to match the design of your room.

Step 10 = Add decorative items.

This is the time to go and buy that beautiful soap dispenser and any other accessories you need for your perfect bathroom.

We hope you are now feeling inspired with ideas for redecorating your bathroom. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 601846. We are more than happy to help you find the perfect light for your new bathroom.
Your local lighting specialist