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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How to light the outside of your home

If you design your garden right, you can create a space that provides you the functionality of an additional room.

To extend the use of your garden right into the evening, you can add in lighting to amazing effect. There are 3 types of functionality for outdoor lighting: Security (either with a sensor and usually providing a bright general light), a lantern style light (that provides a general overall light to light up your space) and decorative lighting  (pond spot light, up and down lights etc). The final purpose of the light is always worth deciding before you make your final purpose.

Note: We always recommend that you use an electrician for installing any outdoor lights.

Your Front & Back door

Your front and back doors are entrances to your home. So, for a greater feeling of security, having a good light level for your doorway is a must. You no longer have to choose bland lights for this purpose. There are a huge range of styles available which provide excellent light level and look stunning.

For the greatest light level, a lantern style with clear glass panels will provide you with the maximum amount of light for you.

Opt for a lantern style wall light for a good light level

Option 1: Downing Street BR. Elstead. 100W ES. £256.50

Option 2: 9402BK. Searchlight. 2 x 40W. £57.60

Option 3: Glenbeigh Wall. Elstead. 1 x 100W. £70.20

Option 4: Aloria 93403. Eglo. 1 x 60W. £24.87.

Option 5: Doyle. Dar. 1 x 60W. £37.00

Courtyard + Seating Space Designs

One of the major problems with inner city living is a very small outdoor space. However, this does not mean you have to have to be limited for ideas. If you do it effectively, you can add some greenery and create a stunning outdoor relaxing space.

The London Garden Club have provided this beautiful piece of inspiration for an outdoor seating area. We love the use of the wooden paneling for the seating area and backdrop. The lighting makes this even more dramatic.

To recreate this type of effect in your own garden, we recommend using spike lights. The spike will secure the light directly into the ground. It will allow you to hide the light within the plants for optimum effect.

LED Spot lights can be a really effective option for creating dramatic effects in your garden

Option 1: Aura 12524. Saxby Lighting. LED. £31.05

Option 2: GZ/ELITE5/S. Elstead Lighting. LED. £62.10 + £5.40 (Spike)

Option 3: Nautilus 227410. Intalite. Low Energy or LED. £29.31. 

Option 4: Opaz POLGU10. Saxby Lighting. GU10 Halogen. £13.95

This is an alternative option from Charlotte Rowe Garden Designs, London  for a slightly larger courtyard garden. It is a beautiful example of using combinations of lighting to light up your space.

The main lighting of this space is achieved through the use of the down lights. The up & down lights and recessed wall & step lights provide decorative lighting. Overall, the layers of light create a beautiful relaxing space.

Large Courtyard Inspiration. 

Option 1: YG-084. Endon Lighting. 60W ES Lamp. £37.44

Option 2: 4215. Firstlight. LED. £137.00

Option 3: EL-40104. Endon Lighting. LED. £28.80

Option 4: Don. Trio Lighting. LED. £107.11

Lighting up your Pathway

Your pathway is the detail of your garden that links all the elements together. So it is not something to overlook. With only a few small details you can create an inviting walkway in almost any style.

We found this beautiful inspirational image from 

Walkway / Pathway Inspiration

Option 1: YG-945-SS. Endon Lighting. LED. 50cm. £44.16

Option 2: YG-3008. Endon Lighting. 60W ES. 1.1m. £66.24

Option 3: Helsinki 83279. Eglo Lighting. Low Energy. 45cm. PIR Sensor. £40.45

Option 4: Minorca 89535. Eglo Lighting. 60W ES. 38.5cm. £74.83

If you have any further questions 
about any of the lights shown 
please do not hesitate to contact us on: 

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

DIY Interior Decor Ideas

Feature pieces can be a fantastic way of adding a "wow factor" to your home!

If you are a bit tight on budget why not have a go at some DIY decorating? 

smile emoticon
This could be anything from repurposing old pieces of furniture to using your keepsakes and photos to create some feature decor. Not only does this reduce the cost of your redecorating budget, but it allows you to create a truly unique interior design.

Here is a collection of some beautiful repurposed pieces & clever DIY ideas. With your freed up DIY budget you can find some amazing home interior pieces or lighting to add the cherry on top to your space. If you need some help finding that WOW lighting feature for your room check out our website:

Furniture & Storage

Love this idea for the multi-use of the folding chairs. It makes this piece of furniture work twice as hard for you. 

Flat Fold Chairs can be more vestile than you think:
Source: yiconglu
Turning Something Old Into Something New

Need something new? Why not transform something that you are throwing away into something amazing. We love this idea of up-cycling this old wooden table into desks.

Transform an old dining room table into some new desks
Souce: BuzzFeed

Displaying your keepsakes

Digital Cameras are an amazing way of capturing amazing family moments. The trouble is that they seem to get downloaded onto the computer and never get displayed. So why not use them to create this fantastic feature wall? It is also an amazing way to add some colour to your space! 

A great way to display photos and create
an amazing feature wall.
Souce: Abeautifulmess

Love to travel? Always bring back piles of small keepsakes that you just don't know where to put? This is a really cute and attractive way to store them once you arrive home. 
Love to travel?
This is a really funky way to
attractively store all of your keepsakes
Source: Martha Stewart 
Lights to match your new personalised space

With your freed up DIY budget you can find some amazing home interior pieces or lighting to add the cherry on top to your space. Lighting is not just about adding a shade to a bulb any more. You can find the perfect light to match up to any interior design theme. 

If you need some help finding that WOW lighting feature for your room check out our website:

Here is a couple of our favourites:

Endon Lighting | Sarandon-10MULTI

Searchlight | 2343-3CC Bird Cage

Dar Lighting | Blyton BLY0343

Decorative pendant lights.
Modern, Vintage Ceiling Lights

If you have any further questions 
about any of the lights shown 
please do not hesitate to contact us on: 

01202 601846.
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bedside Lighting Stylish Solutions - Alternatives to Table Lamps

Usually when we think of bedside lights, our first thought is a pair of small basic table lights. Did you realise that this is not your only option? If you are planning a total redecoration of your bedroom then there of some stunning alternatives.

Statement Lighting 

Your bedroom is one of the few rooms of the house where you can decorate purely for you. Make it your own by adding a small statement chandelier or arty multi-pendant light. Why not? It will look fantastic!

 Here are a few ideas for potential lights to get you started...

Inspiration room design: by Unknown

1. Malia FE/Malia6 chandelier light by Feiss, Elstead Lighting £715.50
2. Fisherman 5 light : 7235-5CC Fisherman by Searchlight 
3. White floral 5 light: 2495-5CR Almandite Searchlight £168.96
4. Marie Therese 1455-5BL Searchlight £76.80

Vintage Single Pendant

If you do not have a huge bedside table and want some space from your books as well as a light then this is a really funky alternative. 

It is not as large as the chandelier, but can be a fantastic statement piece if you pick the right light. In addition, it leaves you with plenty of room for your bedtime reading and photographs!

Dallas Dal0150 by David Hunt Lighting 

Admiral P AN by Quoizel, Elstead Lighting

Soho SOH 012 by Dar Lighting 

Boda 1 Light Pendant by Dar Lighting

Oregon ORE0163 caged shade ceiling pendant by David Hunt Lighting

If you have any further questions about any of the lights shown please do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 601846.
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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Our Top 10 Feature Floor and Table Lamps

If you are looking for a feature or decorative piece for your room, lighting is your perfect solution. Not only does a new table or floor lamp provide a practical use, they can also be an amazingly designed item. 

The lighting industry really like to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and fashions in interior design. So have a look at our 10 top floor and table lamps that are ideal as a feature piece for your space! 

Floor Lights

EH Nautical FL by Endon Lighting

We love this stage light tripod light from Endon. It has the advantage of being really unique with using this stage inspired spot lamp head. If you want something a little different as a reading lamp or to light up a seating space then this is ideal.

Antenne TS-0905227F-BKSI by Zumaline

If you are after something modern but a little more high-end - this tripod light from Zumaline is a fantastic choice. It is also available with a gold finish. 

Modern Tripod Light
Antenne TS-0905227F-BKSI by Zumaline

Willow 9111-10cc by Searchlight

Searchlight's lighting collection is a more recent addition to our site. We're busy most days adding more products from their catalogue to our collection.

This beautifully decorative floor light has been really popular. For £259.20 it is also excellent value for this type of design.

Decorative Chrome Floor Light
Willow 9111-10cc by Searchlight

Antler ANT4929 by David Hunt Lighting

We love this antler collection by David Hunt Lighting - all made in Britain! The antlers are all made out of resin and are then expertly hand painted. If you prefer, you can also select most of the range in white. They are all made to order, but well worth the wait!

David Hunt also make there own shades. So if you need another colour then we can have that organised instead! 

Hand-painted Antler Floor Light with Shade
Antler ANT4929 by David Hunt Lighting

Blyton BLY4943 by Dar Lighting

The Blyton range from Dar has been really popular. It's a great mix of the really popular industrial look in combination with a wooden stand. This range also has a matching table, wall and ceiling lights - which is really fun.

Industrial + wood 3 light floor lamp
Blyton BLY4943 by Dar Lighting

Table Lights

This is table lamp that really minimalist by also looks a little different. It looks really contemporary and is great for adding some atmospheric lighting to your space. 

Minimalist table Lamp
Aldgate TLBL by Endon Lighting

Amarilli AML/TL BLK/SIL by Elstead Lighting

This range by Elstead is beautiful and made in Britain. They add a lot of the detailing by hand - so you really get a high quality table lamp. They also do a version that is black and Gold if that is more your colour scheme. 

Hand decorated table light
Amarilli AML/TL BLK/SIL by Elstead Lighting

If you love the nautical look then this would make you a fantastic feature table light. The carved ammonite base is a real talking point - ideal if you want to pay homage to the Jurassic Coast. 

Ammonite AMM4334 by David Hunt Lighting

If you want to get a high quality lava lamp then always go for Mathmos. They are a bit more expensive than some you find on the high street, but these guys are the original makers. The 'lava' warms up really quickly and they have a fantastic range of colours available. 

Vintage Lava Lamp
Astro Blue/Green by Mathmos

This is a really affordable and attractive take on the traditional Tiffany Light. I personally love the dragonfly Tiffany design, the colours are so eye-catching! 

Traditional Tiffany Table Lamp
1287 Dragonfly by Searchlight

If you have any further questions about any of the lights shown please do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 601846.
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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Official Supplier to Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover

We are Official Suppliers for Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover
We are once again official suppliers to Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover. The whole experience is really exciting for us. It is really nice for us to be able to give back. Also, it is great to be able to watch the transformation of the rooms.

On this episode we contributed to the Huddersfield makeover of the home of Stephen North. He is a loving single dad whose daughter wanted to say thanks with a makeover.

Peter Andre, Ben Hillman, Stephen's Daughter, Stephen North

They redecorated 2 rooms – the lounge and the bedroom.  The interior designer Ben Hillman did a fantastic job on the design.

Stephen's redesigned living room

This living room is now a really comfortable space. I really love how he has managed to tie in the colour theme of green to pull the design together. Ben has cleverly used the table lights to create a relaxing atmospheric light.

If you want to get add these lights to your room click here:

96930-TLCH by Endon Lighting

If you want a table light with a little more height this Donovan Table Light from Dar Lighting is an ideal alternative:

Donovan Table Light by Dar Lighting

The 60 Minute Makeover team also redecorated Stephen’s bedroom. I love the geometric pattern used for the wall paper and blinds. We supplied these fantastic Endon Table Debden Lamps.: . The Grey drum shades are also included.

We donated these Table lamps to the 60 Minute Makeover team
Debden-TLSMK by Endon Lighting

If you love the rippled effect on the glass by don’t want the coloured glass – this is the perfect alternative. It’s the Hinton by Dar lighting:  This lamp has a gorgeous crystal base with a silver faux silk shade.

Hinton by Dar Lighting

We loved being part of the 60MM experience and hope Stephen enjoys his fantastic new rooms!

If you have any further questions about any of the lights shown please do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 601846. 

Merry Christmas
Your local lighting specialist