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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bedside Lighting Stylish Solutions - Alternatives to Table Lamps

Usually when we think of bedside lights, our first thought is a pair of small basic table lights. Did you realise that this is not your only option? If you are planning a total redecoration of your bedroom then there of some stunning alternatives.

Statement Lighting 

Your bedroom is one of the few rooms of the house where you can decorate purely for you. Make it your own by adding a small statement chandelier or arty multi-pendant light. Why not? It will look fantastic!

 Here are a few ideas for potential lights to get you started...

Inspiration room design: by Unknown

1. Malia FE/Malia6 chandelier light by Feiss, Elstead Lighting £715.50
2. Fisherman 5 light : 7235-5CC Fisherman by Searchlight 
3. White floral 5 light: 2495-5CR Almandite Searchlight £168.96
4. Marie Therese 1455-5BL Searchlight £76.80

Vintage Single Pendant

If you do not have a huge bedside table and want some space from your books as well as a light then this is a really funky alternative. 

It is not as large as the chandelier, but can be a fantastic statement piece if you pick the right light. In addition, it leaves you with plenty of room for your bedtime reading and photographs!

Dallas Dal0150 by David Hunt Lighting 

Admiral P AN by Quoizel, Elstead Lighting

Soho SOH 012 by Dar Lighting 

Boda 1 Light Pendant by Dar Lighting

Oregon ORE0163 caged shade ceiling pendant by David Hunt Lighting

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