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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How to light the outside of your home

If you design your garden right, you can create a space that provides you the functionality of an additional room.

To extend the use of your garden right into the evening, you can add in lighting to amazing effect. There are 3 types of functionality for outdoor lighting: Security (either with a sensor and usually providing a bright general light), a lantern style light (that provides a general overall light to light up your space) and decorative lighting  (pond spot light, up and down lights etc). The final purpose of the light is always worth deciding before you make your final purpose.

Note: We always recommend that you use an electrician for installing any outdoor lights.

Your Front & Back door

Your front and back doors are entrances to your home. So, for a greater feeling of security, having a good light level for your doorway is a must. You no longer have to choose bland lights for this purpose. There are a huge range of styles available which provide excellent light level and look stunning.

For the greatest light level, a lantern style with clear glass panels will provide you with the maximum amount of light for you.

Opt for a lantern style wall light for a good light level

Option 1: Downing Street BR. Elstead. 100W ES. £256.50

Option 2: 9402BK. Searchlight. 2 x 40W. £57.60

Option 3: Glenbeigh Wall. Elstead. 1 x 100W. £70.20

Option 4: Aloria 93403. Eglo. 1 x 60W. £24.87.

Option 5: Doyle. Dar. 1 x 60W. £37.00

Courtyard + Seating Space Designs

One of the major problems with inner city living is a very small outdoor space. However, this does not mean you have to have to be limited for ideas. If you do it effectively, you can add some greenery and create a stunning outdoor relaxing space.

The London Garden Club have provided this beautiful piece of inspiration for an outdoor seating area. We love the use of the wooden paneling for the seating area and backdrop. The lighting makes this even more dramatic.

To recreate this type of effect in your own garden, we recommend using spike lights. The spike will secure the light directly into the ground. It will allow you to hide the light within the plants for optimum effect.

LED Spot lights can be a really effective option for creating dramatic effects in your garden

Option 1: Aura 12524. Saxby Lighting. LED. £31.05

Option 2: GZ/ELITE5/S. Elstead Lighting. LED. £62.10 + £5.40 (Spike)

Option 3: Nautilus 227410. Intalite. Low Energy or LED. £29.31. 

Option 4: Opaz POLGU10. Saxby Lighting. GU10 Halogen. £13.95

This is an alternative option from Charlotte Rowe Garden Designs, London  for a slightly larger courtyard garden. It is a beautiful example of using combinations of lighting to light up your space.

The main lighting of this space is achieved through the use of the down lights. The up & down lights and recessed wall & step lights provide decorative lighting. Overall, the layers of light create a beautiful relaxing space.

Large Courtyard Inspiration. 

Option 1: YG-084. Endon Lighting. 60W ES Lamp. £37.44

Option 2: 4215. Firstlight. LED. £137.00

Option 3: EL-40104. Endon Lighting. LED. £28.80

Option 4: Don. Trio Lighting. LED. £107.11

Lighting up your Pathway

Your pathway is the detail of your garden that links all the elements together. So it is not something to overlook. With only a few small details you can create an inviting walkway in almost any style.

We found this beautiful inspirational image from 

Walkway / Pathway Inspiration

Option 1: YG-945-SS. Endon Lighting. LED. 50cm. £44.16

Option 2: YG-3008. Endon Lighting. 60W ES. 1.1m. £66.24

Option 3: Helsinki 83279. Eglo Lighting. Low Energy. 45cm. PIR Sensor. £40.45

Option 4: Minorca 89535. Eglo Lighting. 60W ES. 38.5cm. £74.83

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