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Thursday, 11 September 2014

HARALD GLÖÖCKLER and EGLO Leuchten - Brand New Lighting

Harald Glööckler with the GLÖÖCKLER by EGLO Collection
In March 2014 the German designer Harold Gloockler and Eglo launched their joint lighting collection. This magnificent light collection is brimming with sophisticated luxury. The design is no holds barred and the entire collection is made of the highest quality materials. Ideal if you are are looking for modern lighting to fit with your modern home or office space. 

The Designer - Harald Glööckler

Born, raised and living in Germany, this man has literally done everything. He has created his own perfume, released a CD, painted, opened an art gallery, is a fashion designer and has now designed this stunning light collection. Harald’s products have been shown internationally and one of his fashion shows featured one of the longest catwalks in the world. So it is very exciting that he has now turned his attention to lighting. 

The collection

This new lighting range features a large range of different products - most branded with Gloockler's crown branding. They feature a mix of blacks, pinks, silvers and golds and so suit a modern living space. The collection includes: pendant lights, floor lamps and table lamps. 

The highlight of the collection is the stunning Vivaldi pendant. It is a dazzling star inspired fitting finished in 24 carat gold plating and 400 cut crystals. Add this to your room as the crowning glory to your space.

Harald Glööckler posing with the Valvaldi pendant. 

Across Europe, this fantastic collection is in huge demand and has received positive response.  However, we will have to wait in the UK until Autumn of this year before we can get hold of it! We are super excited about seeing this collection and are hoping to put a few pieces in the showroom.

Can’t wait that long to see the entire collection? Have a look here!

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