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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Top 5 Copper Lights

Copper has really come into fashion this last couple of years. The release of new catalogues has seen even more copper themed decorative lighting. There are some absolutely beautiful pieces. To be honest, I’m secretly planning how to redecorate to include some of these pieces.

I thought you might like to share in my love of copper lighting, so I put together my Top 5.

My personal favourite is the Giamatti-6CO by Endon lighting. I did a science degree at university and the shades remind me of science lab flasks. The mix of the copper and glass also looks really striking.

Giamatti-6CO by Endon Lighting
This zephyr pendant by Dar is a non-electric pendant. The perk is it can be fitting onto an existing lamp holder. I love the wavy design. At the price (£29.00) it makes it a really affordable way to add some beautiful copper to your space.

Zephyr by Dar
Copper can also be easily added to your walls. I love the Fisherman wall light by Firstlight. It would make a perfect bedside light.

Fisherman Wall Light by Firstlight
For the living room, or just about anywhere, there is this shiny copper table lamp. It's the EH-Bevera-TL by Endon Home  With the ripple design on the base it makes it especially decorative. The shade is sold separately, but it means you can find one to match other soft furnishings in your room.

EH-Bevera-TL table lamp by Endon Home
If you are looking for something a little different there is this really decorative Moroccan ceiling pendant. The glass crystals that decorate the shade catch the light, making this beautiful off or on. It's the EH-Tanaro-CO by Endon home and you can find it here

EH-Tanaro-CO by Endon Home

Which of these 5 is your favourite? Do you have any other copper pieces you love? To me, copper seems really timeless in terms on style. 

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