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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Brand feature: LZF. Interior lights handmade from wood. Modern style for your home.


The Lzf catologue for their “wood touched by light” collection landed on my desk this week. I lost most of my morning pouring over the catalogue. These lights were something a little different to what we already have in our online lighting collection.

All the lights are made carefully by hand to the highest quality in their warehouse (an old wine-house) in Spain. Because they are handmade, each piece will be slightly unique.

The company was founded by Marivi Calvo & Sandro Tothil in 1994. 20 years on, their lighting collection has grown from wooden tubes they designed and made in their basement. They now use top quality materials – e.g. tulip poplar wood and cheery or beech veneer.

These fantastic and modern lights can now be found in buildings globally – from Berlin to Barcelona to the USA. They create a unique kind of ambiance in a space that is difficult to recreate.


My personal favourite is the Candelabro (although it does mean I am going to need to buy a bigger house!). This is a combination piece made up a mix of smaller designs. All the pieces are suspended from one base board with recessed lights to shine onto the design.

After a bit of research I have found some great images of this hanging in both homes and office spaces. In the catalog they have a picture of this over a dining room table. It looks fantastic – but would depend on your space and ceiling height! Alternatively, this would look amazing in an entrance hall to any office building. Any room with that sort of space would really show off this piece.

Have you spotted the x-club lights in your local McDonalds? I have always wondered where they got these from. These look fantastic. You can also them in a range of colours. So they become really easy for when your interior design needs to be within your brand colours.

They come as ceiling, wall, table and floor lamps. So you can literally put these x-club lights anywhere. The light level these lights emit mean they are great for mood lighting.


The Anfora floor light is a fantastic solution for a floor light with mood lighting. This is really where the use of wood as a material comes into its element. The lamp becomes a beautifully decorative piece whether or not you need it on.

I am a complete lover of lanterns - we have some really nice glass ones at home. However, these Chou lights would be a fantastic replacement. They come in a range of colours and the silhouette effect of the wood is breathtaking.

What do you think? Are you a lover of natural materials? Is this something you would be interested in? Or is this not your cup of tea?

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