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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Top 5 ideas for using Fairy Lights in your Bedroom or Student House

When I started this job, I was convinced that fairy lights were plain pin lights that suddenly appear from nowhere in late September. How wrong I was.

We have a fantastic collected of some really beautiful examples of LED fairy lights. The range of colours and designs are fantastic – which leads me to dream on our Pinterest boards of where they could go in my house.

I have managed to dig up some really gorgeous ideas for the bedroom that I had not thought of before. The fairy lights add a really soft light (or bright depending on the design) to the area you put them in.

Personally, I always use LED lights at home. They don’t kick out as much heat. Also, they do not use as much power so you do not need to be scared of the energy bills!

1. As a Mirror surround - 

Floral fabric fairy lights are a great way of adding a bit of gentle decoration to the room. They are a great example of what can be achieved when you steer away from the traditional pin lights.

They’re also a great idea for adding some decoration to your kid’s room (although they’re not suitable for under 3’s), or in your rented student flat.

2. As a unique offline Photo Gallery -


If you are anything like me, the majority of your photos only ever see the light of day on Facebook or your other social media channels. Even my photo albums tend to sit and get dusty on the shelves in my Living room. 

This is why I completely fell in love with this idea. It is such a simple combo of white pin lights and pictures. The best way I've found for attaching fairy lights to the wall is probably the Mini hooks by ‘Command’. Sellotape and bluetac never seems to work quite as well…

It is a really original way of presenting your photos and mementos – either for yourself or guests. Because the pictures aren't all perfectly framed you can easily change and update the display. 

3. Wall art with pin lights

Have you seen anything like this before? (If yes please tweet us @shinelighting ) . 

This is such a clever design idea. In concept it looks to be such a simple idea, but a fantastically well executed plan.

You’re going to want either 1 very long light string or 2. Although, you might be safer with 2 depending on how large you want to make it.

I personally think this could only be made better by using coloured pin lights . What would you do?

4. Light up the end of your bed


Do you have a metal bed frame? This could be the perfect way of jazzing it up. It adds a bit of soft light to end of your bed for those cosy evenings watching a film.

The perk of this idea is you could literally put any lights here. What would you choose?

5. Light up your 4 poster bed.... 

...Or to create your four-poster bed effect - buy yourself a mosquito net. This attaches to your ceiling and can create a really relaxing atmosphere.

The use of fairy lights to decorate is a beautiful idea. You can have some really good run here by experimenting with different light strings and different colours.

Highly recommend sticking to LED light strings as they won’t generate as much heat. You do not want to create a fire hazard! 

Do you have fairy lights in your bedroom? Why not send us a picture on twitter or facebook? We’d love to see them and might feature it in a future post!

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Have fun!